Adrian Heath, A True Patriot, Needs Your Support!

Calling all Montgomery county residents and others who care about integrity, transparency, and accountability in local government!

Please help a fellow Montgomery County resident who took a stand against a rogue taxing authority. Adrian Heath put his life, fortune, and sacred honor on the line to expose the corrupt, crony-capitalist practices of illegitimate developer-controlled special-purpose districts, such as Road Utility Districts and Municipal Utility Districts (RUDs and MUDs).

Special district board candidates are often hand-picked by a developer and then voted into office by people the developer recruits as temporary district residents, in exchange for reduced or even free rent. These "rent-a-voters" then vote to incur millions of dollars in public debt on behalf of their developer friends, enabling those developers to get infrastructure built at little to no cost or risk of their own. Taxpayers ultimately assume the burden of that debt.

In exposing this corrupt practice in a local RUD in The Woodlands, Adrian ultimately became a political prisoner, serving time after a long legal battle in a trumped-up voter fraud case.


Adrian is a naturalized U.S. citizen who came to this country to live and raise his family and defend the bedrock American principles of small government and fiscal responsibility. Adrian's actions cast much-needed, disinfecting "sunshine" onto the actions of local officials and their cronies who threaten those principles. In doing so, Adrian was willing to sacrifice his life (serving time in prison), fortune (incurring heavy court fees and fines), and sacred honor (having his voting rights stolen as a result of his unjust felony conviction).

It's time for us to stand behind true patriots like Adrian who are leading the charge against corrupt officials who abuse their power and exploit taxpayers to benefit themselves and their cronies.

While Adrian has had the support of hundreds of like-minded patriots throughout this ordeal, and his local sheriff and state representative added their support in the parole review that led to his release from prison, he now needs our financial support. Adrian is facing a $10,000 fine and significant attorney's expenses, and he needs our help! Please contribute here - no amount is too small. The Heath family will appreciate it immensely.

God Bless You!
Friends of Adrian Heath

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