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defund-obamacareFrom Montgomery County resident Jim Howard:

Obamacare Petition

I signed this and want to pass it on with some comments for your consideration. I called my Congressman, Kevin Brady’s office today (Friday, August 30) to ask where he stood on defunding the Affordable Healthcare Act, which the President has called “Obamacare,” and I was told that Congressman Brady supports the repeal of “Obamacare.” I know there have been several repeal bills that have been passed by the House, but they were nothing more than symbolic, since there is no chance that Senator Harry Reid will allow any of the repeal bills to be presented to the Senate, and if by some chance the Senate did pass the repeal, this President would veto it.

When I pushed the person in Brady’s office about Brady’s stance on cutting the funding for “Obamacare” out of the “continuing resolution” that has been funding the federal government for the last several years, he told me that the spending was “law” and nothing could be done to stop the spending. I then asked what about the $700 billion in tax dollars that was coming out of Medicare for “Obamacare,” and he could not give me an answer—he did not know. He said he would have Congressman Brady’s public relations person get back to me on this.

I get the feeling that Congressman Brady is sticking his finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing to determine what to do about defunding “Obamacare” when the “continuing resolution” comes up at the end of September. I believe the defunding of “Obamacare” is the best chance we have, to stop this “train wreck” called “Obamacare.” I cannot remember exactly how it was decided to abandon South Vietnam, but I thought it had something to do with the Democrat-controlled house cutting off the Defense Department's funding for the war and that was why we pulled out so quickly, but I’m not sure.

I don’t believe Senator Cruz would call for the defunding of “Obamacare” unless it was Constitutional. The Supreme Court has held that the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare) bill was a tax, and that the House had the power to tax. If the House has the power to tax and spend, then the House also has the power not to tax and spend. So the Republicans can do what the Democratic-controlled House did back when they cut off funds for the War, and if they will hold their stance, it will drop the “continuing resolution” in the President’s lap for his signature to fund all of the federal government except “Obamacare,” or the President can refuse to sign it and start the shutdown of the federal government, which could be a good thing. The federal government would start with laying off all “nonessential” personnel. If the President wants to shut down the federal government in order to try to save “Obamacare,” then that is his choice. There will still be tax money that will continue to flow into the federal government daily, but it won’t have borrowed money available to do all the things this current administration wants to spend money on.

The Republican-controlled House needs to hold firm on presenting a continuing resolution to keep funding the federal government, without money for “Obamacare,” and the President needs to decide if he will have the support of the American people to shut down the federal government in order to try and save the train wreck called “Obamacare.” I believe the media will scream and holler that the Republicans are shutting down the federal government, when it will actually be the President who is shutting down the federal government, if he doesn’t sign a continuing resolution that excludes funding for “Obamacare.” There will be a media frenzy, and the same folks who helped put and keep this administration in office will  point to the Republicans and call them “uncaring” and “racist” for opposing anything this administration does, but someone needs to stand strong. If it isn’t the Republicans and Democrats who currently hold office, then they need to be replaced with folks who will.

Our Representatives, both Democrat and Republican, need to hear from us, the “grass roots,” that we do not want “Obamacare.” There are plenty of alternatives for getting health care coverage to the uninsured, and it should not take $700 billion dollars in tax money from Medicare, more taxes from the rest of us, or 16,000 new IRS agents to administer the 21,000-plus page program.

So please sign the petition at, and call your Representative, whether they are Republican or Democrat, and tell them not to fund “Obamacare” in the continuing resolution. Thank you.


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