New Speaker? Get Your Rep. on Record

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Day One: Texas House Reps Committed to attending

8/17/17 House GOP Caucus Meeting

Step 1 in House Speaker Selection Process by REPUBLICANS!

Is your Rep. committed? If not, make it so!

The purpose of the House GOP Caucus meeting is to discuss and/or adopt a procedure to determine the Republican Caucus nominee for Speaker of the Texas House.

The quorum for the meeting is 49, which represents a challenge since House Republican Caucus Chairman Tan Parker called the meeting for the day AFTER the special session ends!

Now, Reps are making predictable excuses why they cannot attend.  This is the classic "fool the people again" routine.  Don't fall for it! If this meeting does not have a quorum of GOP Reps there to have a discussion about a process to nominate the next GOP Speaker, then you can thank the Austin Swamp Masters. A failed Caucus meeting means they like the Texas House just the way it is - a House whose GOP majority sides with Joe Straus, Byron Cook, Big Gov't, liberal lobbyists, and the radical Left OVER you!

Only YOU can make sure that happens. You must get your State Rep to publicly commit to attend the Republican House Caucus meeting!

The Texas Conservative Grassroots Coalition is working together to compile a list of GOP State Reps who commit to attending the meeting and publish it daily.

PLEASE FOLLOW THESE DIRECTIONS so that we can get an accurate & timely list!

1) Contact YOUR State Rep. and get them on record by email, social media, or ask them if you can record their response in person or on a phone call. Just get them on record!

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