No Meeting – September 4, 2017

 The Montgomery County Tea Party will not be meeting this Monday, September 4, 2017. We usually don't like to cancel our meetings but this last week has taken a huge toll on Texas and Montgomery County.  While our area has suffered unbelievable losses and catastrophic damage we will recover.  We have been able to witness so many give so much to help those who were in danger as well as those who were and are in need.  Because of the massive amounts of work that is being done, and because so many are still displaced from their homes, we have decided to take this time off from our meeting so we can continue to help others as they start to recover.  We will return to our regular meeting on September 17, 2017.

 Please continue to lift up those who are affected by Harvey as well as for the Church on 242.  The church did have some cleanup to do after the storm but was also vandalized

Please continue to pray for Texas as we begin to move forward after this historical storm.  God Bless and God Bless Texas.

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