One of MCTPPAC's major achievements is the sponsoring of local young people to the Patriot Academy.  Our scholarship for the current year went to Colton Haas, who was elected to serve as Governor for this past year.

Patriot Academy was created a decade, or so, ago by Texas Patriots Rick Green, David Barton and a few others.  It is an intense faith based program that teaches American History, Biblical principles  and Patriotism and instructs the students, through actual participation in the Capitol Chambers, on exactly how the legislative process works.  Their sessions go from conceiving & writing bills through Committee and Floor debates to voting on, passing & signing “real world” type bills.

Last year Patriot Academy added a program for Citizens and this year added a program for Veterans.  This past week Dennis, Pat & Lynnette attended, learned and graduated from the Citizens version of Patriot Academy.


Students learned about the various processes and heard from a number of motivational speakers including Rick Green, David Barton and many others.  We also heard from several of our Texas legislators and had the opportunity to visit with others during our free time at the capitol.

Local House Reps that we visited with included Vicky Swanson, representing District 150 (Creekside) and Representative Mark Keough, District 15 (most of The Woodlands).  Vicky is running for reelection  in District 150.  Mark is running for Montgomery County Judge.  Former Rep Steve Toth is running for District 15 Representative, a position he held during the 83rd Legislature.

Patriot Academy is a serious faith based course on God, Patriotism and the legislative process.  The Commencement service, on Friday August 4, was a very solemn ceremony where students are reminded of the sacrifices made by our Founding Fathers and of the “eternal vigilance” that is required to protect our Freedoms!

Paid Membership is not required to participate in MCTPPAC but it is those dues that allow us to continue sending our young people to Patriot Academy.  Please continue to support this cause and please check out Patriot Academy at


Lynnette, Dennis and Pat in the House chambers waiting for the swearing in ceremony at Patriot Academy

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