Patriot Academy

"Patriot Academy is an elite leadership training program specializing in applied civics with a Biblical, Historical and Constitutional foundation. Students of all ages develop leadership strategies, life purpose plans, public speaking and advanced communication skills, campaign techniques and a founding fathers' philosophy of government."

The week long National Academy is held in Austin, TX with meetings and legislative sessions held in the Capitol building.

At the 2016 session, Colton was unanimously elected Governor for the 2017 session. Colton is a 2017 graduate of Sam Houston State University and recently started a new job in CA for Prager University.

Pat, her husband Dennis and Lynnette will also be attending the Citizen Track for Patriot Academy. Follow along on Pat's FB page.

Colton's State of the Academy speech

Colton as Governor and Patriot Academy's Lt. Governor and Speaker of the House awaiting the swearing in ceremony

Lynnette, Dennis and Pat in the House chambers waiting for the swearing in ceremony at Patriot Academy

"The Governor " and Rep. Mark Keough at The Capitol

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