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Vetting Process

In alignment with our MCTP Mission, we have vetted candidates and developed a candidate knowledge base for federal, state,  and local races. Our evaluation has been conducted in line with our Vetting Policy, developed by the Vetting Committee noted below, in a fair, unbiased, objective and transparent manner.

This unique assessment is formulated on the candidates’ background, qualifications, character (including courage), knowledge, and alignment with our core values,  and it represents hours of research utilizing candidate questionnaires and video interviews. Videos of statewide debates held by MCTP are also included in the knowledge base.

Endorsements and recommendations, when given, are based on defined consensus procedures that reflect the informed opinions of  the MCTP voting membership. All of the supporting data is accessible.

We encourage you to thoroughly review our US VOTE SMART knowledge-base and forward the link to like-minded conservatives who are interested in making a difference in our county by supporting candidates who we feel will govern in accordance with Constitutional principles.


Vetting Committee

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